Our experience and our production means, together with our excellent quality level, allow us to meet our customers’ requirements.

More than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of rubber parts for the most demanding customers

High precision

Manufacture of rubber parts, structurally complying with the required demands and tolerances; also providing advice on the design of the most optimised dies for the needs of the project.

Demanding with quality

our finished parts always provide added value, from the quality of the raw materials, through the dimensional and surface finish, to the long-term robustness.

The best results

technical advice in the definition of raw materials and formulations optimised for your project, working with first class suppliers and high quality standards.

tailor-made solutions

we study your project from the beginning, accompanying you with the selection of raw materials, design, prototyping, presences and mass production. Optimising costs and rigorously complying with delivery deadlines.