High demands and high quality products



We have been manufacturing products for lifts and escalators for many years working with well-known companies in the following sectors.


Over the last few years, JABE has been involved in the manufacture of various products for the construction industry.


Our activity in this sector stands out, as we have manufactured various components for several companies in this sector.


urban mobility is another of the sectors we work in as well as others that you can consult.

+more than 30 years of experience

During our 30 years of work, we have offered the best solutions to our customers. Starting from their needs and characteristics of the sector to the quality of the finished products.

Rubber-metal articles

We manufacture rubber metal articles used in various industrial sectors: automotive, elevation, railway, etc.

Brake discs

+ More than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of different types of brakes. Mainly used in the lifting sector, but also in the railway sector, construction, etc.

Development of solutions

We offer technical advice on new products, with a technical office where we design and develop prototypes that meet the needs of the customer.

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